You got two choices, but both need being in as its airport is a huge international heart in Bangkok, which you’ll often end up.

You can fly from Bangkok right to Ko Samui International Airport; flights about typical at around £90 one manner. This method is great if you don’t need to explore other areas of Thailand other about the Isles, or are short on time. From Ko Samui, you should get a boat across to Ko Phangan. The fare is approx £7.

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You can take a coach and boat to Ko Samui, subsequently a new boat to Ko Phangan. You should get a bus to Hua Hin, and from that point, you can find in fact reserve a kind of “bundle” price for which you will receive the price of the bus to the pier from Hua Hin, as well as both boats needed to arrive at Full Moon Party. You’ve got the choice of obtaining a taxi from Bangkok to Hua Hin. The journey is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, and when you’ve got great haggling abilities, you will get an easy auto travel here for around 2000 Thai Bhat, this is approximately £40 which when broken up between you and three friends, works out only as good as an annoying bus journey. Trust me, when you’re a regular traveler, you’ll constantly figure out approaches to prevent a coach journey if you’re able to. In the event you do however wish to take the bus or train, both choices leave often and cost around 200 baht (approx £5). From Hua Hin you can choose to remain several nights, it’s some wonderful beach, an excellent night market, but in the event that you choose you would like to make it right to Full Moon it’s time to get a bus.

What’s The “Total Moon Celebration?”
The Full Moon Party is a giant holiday-like party with lots of-of dancing, drinking, medications, and sex. It’s held in the impressive Ko Phangan in Thailand. Each pub has its very own music, so you could consistently remain in the party mood, and you are going to be surrounded by individuals selling buckets of booze (more on that later), fire shows, and sparkle paint.

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It is a touristy occasion, as well as on the usual backpacker’s trail, but you should attempt the Full Moon Party at least simply to say you’ve done it!

Where To Stay At Full Moon Party?
There are just two primary lodging places for the Full Moon. Haad Rin and Bann Tai. Haad Rin is just where the full moon celebration is held so if you’d like to be right in the activity, then remain here, but as a word of warning, you Won’t get any rest. And lodging for the nighttime reserves up well ahead of time, so don’t expect to turn up here and locate a room. The 2nd alternative is Ban Tai, which is a 10-minute cab (tuk-tuk) ride to the key event. It’s a little quieter, and I mean a little. I stayed here at an excellent resort called “First Villa Beach Resort.” The staff here organized a “pre-moon celebration” which brought all the guests for drinks, to get to know one another and begin one of the best evenings. The staff also do your body paint with all the glow paint in whatever layout you would like, and they sell their very own pails! This was a fantastic possibility to meet with fellow party goers, and we left in cabs together for the full moon!