Settlement Capital Corporation (SCC) is a specialty lending firm that supplies liquidity to owners and holders of regular payments caused by structured settlements, annuities, lottery winnings and other secured future debt obligations.

We understand an annuity was likely a significant investment in the time it was initially bought. But times have changed, and individuals could use a few of that cash now given today’s marketplace. Settlement Capital Corp. will help get the most cash for future structured settlement and annuity payments. Whether our customers have to sell all or only part of their payment flow, we’ll work with them to create a solution to satisfy their targets today and tomorrow.

Contemplating Settlement Capital’s expertise, knowledge, relationships and fiscal strength, we provide customers, brokers, solicitors, agents, financial advisers, and consultants the possibility to work together with the business head in the secondary market for structured settlements, other payment obligations and single premium annuities.

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Structured settlements are often caused by litigation settlements and court cases. They’re an arrangement where the damaged party receives payments on a set schedule set up during the resolution procedure. This was created to supply replacing income to the injured party, but occasionally unforeseen events can occur, resulting in that party desiring cash immediately. This is the area where other structured settlement firms and Settlement Capital Corp come in. It’s crucial to notice it’s a huge effect in your financial situation, plus that selling a structured settlement may be a complex procedure, so make sure to talk to an experienced financial advisor before determining to sell your structured settlement.

Like the majority of firms we reviewed, Settlement Capital Corp doesn’t provide fees or rates on its website, and you also must get hold of them for a quote regarding your particular structured settlement. As structured settlements are all distinct and distinctive, this really is common. That makes it tough to provide a normal rate for your structured settlement or annuity.

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Settlement Capital Corp has an adequate website which gets you to the info you’re searching for. Like most other sites they do an excellent job of describing a lot of the terms that encompass annuities and structured settlements and discuss various kinds of annuities and structured settlements, however they do not offer the same amount of resources that some of the other websites we reviewed an offer.

This really is significant because access to such resources is the finest approach to get the scenario which you are getting involved in. Selling a structured settlement may be a complex procedure, and thus the more info you’ve got access to, the better the conclusion you could make regarding your financial future. This is an alternative reason it is important should you be thinking about selling your structured settlement or annuity to talk to an experienced financial advisor or coordinator. The truth is, determined by the laws of your state, you might also be compelled hire an attorney and perhaps to speak to this kind of individual. These prices ought to be taken into consideration when determining whether to sell your structured settlement.

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