EPS Settlements Group is an organization that practices in helping people set up structured settlement arrangements, courts, and attorneys. They’ve been operating since 1972 and are located in Greenwood Village, CO. Structured settlements are agreements between opponents in a suit that result in payment for damages of some sort, spread out over a period. Structured settlements may be complex arrangements, and EPS seeks to supply skilled guidance to anybody involved in the structured settlement procedure to make sure it goes as quickly as possible by EPS Settlements Group.

A structured settlement is so that they receive ensured future payments that come from a litigation settlement, an annuity that’s set up on behalf of the person. Only harm casualties qualify for structured settlements. A lot of individuals that win personal injury suits frequently take the prize as a structured settlement because it’s tax-free and it’s a bigger resolution than receiving an immediate lump sum. The structured settlement agreement regulates the conditions of the resolution, as well as the number the victim will receive over time, is contained by the annuity.

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For those who determined to settle out of court or have experienced a personal injury, filed a suit and won, you may be receiving a structured settlement payment with time instead if you did n’t elect the lump sum that is upfront. Some cases of a personal injury case where this might occur can contain:

  • Car accident or bike crash.
  • Workplace injury.
  • Pharmaceutical drug harmful effects.
  • Slip and trip.

Structured settlements were first applied in Canada following a massive litigation over thalidomide, a drug many pregnant girls took in the 1950s and 1960s to soothe. Thalidomide was afterward discovered to cause phocomelia and the congenital impairments. Since the 1970s, mainly because, structured settlements have eventually become a standard alternative to lump sum payments:

  • Sizeable increases in certain personal injury awards.
  • Changes in the Internal Revenue Code enable the receiver to possess tax liability waived (subject to particular states)

A structured settlement vouchers for the receiver tax-free income payments over the life span of the resolution. Many structured settlement contracts permit a beneficiary to be named. In the instance, an untimely death those payments would revert to the designated person is experienced by a receiver. Structured settlements are a monetary asset, that may be sold or assigned via the court order procedure.

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Get Cash from CBC Settlement Funding

CBC Settlement Funding can offer you a lump sum cash advance for all or section of the whole amount if you determine selling all or part of your future structured settlement payments is the appropriate selection for your financial needs. The Better Business Bureau accredits CBC Settlement Funding with an A evaluation, and we pride ourselves on providing a superior amount of customer support.

You can get in touch with one of our customer support representatives for more personalized advice if you’re not satisfied whether selling your structured settlement annuity is right for you. Our customer care staff will listen to your unique position to supply cash alternatives that are customized to meet your financial needs.

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